ASP.NET Chart Server Control

chart-controlYou can create ASP.NET pages applications that have simple, intuitive charts for complex statistical or financial analysis using ASP.NET chart server control. ASP.NET chart server control supports the following features:

  • Data series, chart areas, axes, legends, labels, titles, and more.
  • Data binding.
  • Data manipulation, such as copying, splitting, merging, alignment, grouping, sorting, searching, and filtering.
  • Statistical formulas and financial formulas.
  • Advanced chart appearance, such as 3-D, anti-aliasing, lighting, and perspective.
  • Events and customizations.
  • Interactivity and Microsoft Ajax.
  • Support for the Ajax Content Delivery Network (CDN), which provides an optimized way for you to add Microsoft Ajax Library and jQuery scripts to your Web applications.

Using the Chart Control

ASP.NET chart server control is located on the Data tab of the Toolbox in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Data can be added to the chart in the control markup. Data can also be added to the chart using the data binding so the chart can be populated dynamically.


  • The ASP.NET Chart control requires the .NET Framework version 4 or a later version.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 ASP.NET chart server control enables you to cache the chart image and to save it on disk. ASP.NET chart server control does not require any other server software to be installed, and will work with any ASP.NET Web Forms page.

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