ASP.NET Web Control Standard Properties

When you use ASP.NET as the programming language for developing your web site, you are provided with some standard ASP.NET Web Control Properties. These ASP.NET Web Control Standard Properties are inherited from the “WebControl” class.

The following table shows the available ASP.NET Web Control Standard Properties together with a brief description and the .NET framework which it supports.

AccessKeyThe keyboard key for accessing a control1.0
AttributesThe collection of attributes applied to a control1.0
BackColorThe background color of a control1.0
BorderColorThe border color of a control1.0
BorderStyleThe border style of a control1.0
BorderWidthThe border width of a control1.0
CssClassThe CSS class applied to a control1.0
EnabledA value indicating whether or not control is enabled1.0
FontThe font attributes for the control1,0
EnableThemingWhether or not themes apply for a control2.0
ForeColorThe foreground color of the control1.0
HeightThe height of the control1.0
IsEnabledA value indicating whether or not control is enabled (Get value only)2.0
SkinIDThe skin of the control2.0
StyleThe inline CSS style of the control1.0
TabIndexThe tab order of the control1.0
ToolTipThe text that appears when the user rests the mouse pointer over a control1.0
WidthThe width of the control1.0

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