Improved Web Development

Web Development is now improved in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Now Visual Studio 2010 contains enhancements which in turn speed up code authoring and simplify Web deployment and other developments as the tutorial below shows.

Faster Code Authoring

Code Snippets

Code Snippets for HTML, JScript, and ASP.NET controls are available for you in Visual Studio 2010 for faster and better code faster code writing. Code snippets can be inserted using the Code Snippets Manager or by directly using IntelliSense.

Dramatically Improved IntelliSense for JScript

  • IntelliSense in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 now parses 2 to 5 times faster ensuring no processing delay even with large script libraries.
  • IntelliSense in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 accepts diverse coding styles enabling you to get full IntelliSense support for almost every library.
  • IntelliSense in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 also displays XML documentation comments as you type.

Simplified Web Deployment

When developing Web applications using Visual Studio 2010, you have the ability to package and publish in just one click.

Web Packages

Web Deployment Tool, also known as MSDeploy, provides the tools you need to package your Web application for deployment to an Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server. Web packages are .zip files or folder structures including all components need for a Web Server to host your application.

Web Packages also contains Web content, IIS settings, database scripts, components, registry settings, and certificates. Web Deployment Tool has been integrated into Visual Studio 2010 enabling you to create Web packages with just one click.

One-Click Publishing

One-Click publishing in Visual Studio 2010 now gives you the ability to publish to a server by using the Web Deployment Tool, FTP, folder copying, or FrontPage Server Extensions in just one click. Visual Studio 2010 now stores all the setting information, such as publish method, server information, and user credentials.

Web Configuration Transformations

Using Visual Studio 2010 you can configure your project to transform the web.config file during deployment. During deployment of the project, the settings in web.config automatically match the settings on your debug, staging, and production servers.

Other Developments

Visual Studio 2010 also includes new features for ASP.NET and support for MVC-Based Web applications.

Check these tutorials for more information on the new improments.

Visual Web Developer
Visual Web Developer Improvements

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