Visual Studio 2010 Debugger

As you have already come across, there has been many additions and enhancements done on the .NET Framework and Visual Studio 2010.

The following ASP.NET tutorial is on the Visual Studio 2010 debugger and on how it has been enhanced by the addition of some features, and they are as follows.

  • Breakpoint enhancementsIncludes the ability to search in the Breakpoints window, to label breakpoints, to import and export breakpoints, and string comparison for breakpoint conditions in native debugging.
  • WPF debugging enhancementsInclude improved tracing that can be used to view events in an WPF application. A WPF Tree Visualizer can be used to inspect and search the WPF tree.
  • Threads windowAn improved and redesigned Threads Window provides filtering, call-stack searching and expansion, and grouping. New columns display affinity masks, process names, and managed IDs. You can customize columns as per your preference.
  • Parallel Stacks and Parallel Tasks debugger tool windowsThese tools can be used to visualize and debug parallel code that is written in C++, C#, or VB.
  • DataTipsNew and improved DataTips can now float on top of other windows or be pinned. DataTips have a comment field now enabling you to enter your comments about something. Floating DataTips that are open persist between debug sessions.
  • Summary PageFor dump debugging, a new and enhanced Summary Page displays basic information about the contents of the dump file before debugging is started. The Summary Page offers quick links to the most common next steps, such as setting your symbol paths and starting to debug. The new and improved debugger now fully supports debugging of managed dumps for applications that are using common language-run-time (CLR) version 4.0.
  • Watch window and DataTipsThese also provide an icon warning you when evaluating an expression requires other threads to run, which can change or affect the program state and cause debug events such as breakpoints to be ignored. If you want the threads to run, click on the icon.
  • Enhancements to symbol loading.
  • Debug mixed-mode native and managed code on 64-bit operating systems is also enabled now.

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