Creating an ASP.NET Web Forms Page

In the following ASP.NET tutorial you will learn Creating an ASP.NET Web Forms Page using Visual Studio 2010. When you develop a new web site using Visual Studio, it automatically adds and web forms page also known as an ASP.NET page named “Default.aspx”. This ASP.NET page can be used as you home page or even as any other page for your web site as it all depends on your web site.

The following ASP.NET tutorial will help you learn how to create your ow new ASP.NET page.

  1. First close the “Default.aspx” page by right-clicking the tab containing the file name and clicking on Close.

  1. Go to the Solution Explorer and then right-click the Web site and then click on “Add New Item”.

  1. The Add New Item dialog box opens and then select Web Form from the Visual Studio installed templates..
  2. Change the name to anything you prefer or leave it as Default2.aspx (the default name of an unnamed ASP.NET page).
  3. Next select the default programming you wish to use for your web site from either Visual Basic, C#, or J#.


Even though you specify the default prgamming language here, you can always choose another programming language when you create a new page or component for your web site.

  1. Next check the Place code in separate file check box. The following screen shot shows the Add New Item dialog box.

  1. After you are done, click on Add which creates a new page and opens it in the Source View or Design View.

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