Visual Web Developer

visual-web-developerVisual Web Developer is a development environment for creating ASP.NET applications for the web. Visual Web Developer offers you a wide variety of full-features, and some of these are as follows:

Web Page Design

Visual Web Developer has a unique Web page editor with IntelliSense and Validation. This Web editor has What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing mode and a HTML editing mode.

Page Design using Master Pages

A feature which will give you an easy way to make a site layout which has consistent page looks. You also have the ability to use themes and skins with these master pages.

Code Editor

Visual Web Developer’s Code Editor provides you a very powerful environment for writing code for either static or dynamic web pages. The Code Editor also enables you to write code for you webpages in either Visual Basic or C#. The code editor includes syntax coloration and IntelliSense.

Testing and Debugging Web Applications

Visual Web Developer’s local Web server enables you to test and debug your Web Applications. The testing and debugging tools can be used to find errors in your Web Applications.

Deploying Web Applications

Visual Web Developer automates tasks for requried for deploying a Web application. Visual Web Developer also gives you easy access to a hosting server or a hosting provider.


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